Posted by Voice Admin on

The contact details are added to the site homepage using Includelets. You can see documentation on these here:

The info is pulled from the data given in Website Details in the site admin pages.

To remove it completely, you can simply remove the includelet and republish the homepage.


Joe - Voice Admin

Posted by SOFRA on

How do you remove the includelet?  The Delete button won't removeit, dragging and dropping doesn't remove it...


I want to remove our address from the web page.  How do you do this?

Posted by Richard Sullivan on

If you just want to remove the e-mail address for the whole site, go to website settings, then website details and remove the address there.

Removing an entire includelet should be the same for any layout change.  Go to edit and save a revision without publishing, then go to layout and drag the includelet to trash. Then from the edit tab, preview the page, and if it is OK then save and publish.