2: Re: New Page Notifications (response to 1)
Posted by Voice Admin on

We're looking at making some changes to notifications from the CMS soon. This will include better control over when a notification is sent, and what is in it.

More likely I think it'd be a checkbox that you'd enable to specifically choose to send a notification to users for the piece of content that you're publishing.


3: Re: New Page Notifications (response to 2)
Posted by DaveP on

Thanks Jo,

That sounds really positive. 

Incidentally I posted a bug relating to notifications on updates to an FAQ. I am not now sure that this was in response to the update. I had earlier created an FAQ in my test site and it could, on reflection, have been a delayed notification from that.

Many thanks


5: Re: New Page Notifications (response to 3)
Posted by SVH_Webmin on

Hi Joe,

Thanks. Been something been asking Central Bedfordshire Council for a while. It would make sense to have a little bit mre control.




4: Re: New Page Notifications (response to 2)
Posted by VALewisham on

We too would be very happy to have a bit more control over who gets what notifications.

On this tack, I've recently set up a private area of our site, but don't seem to be getting notifications about updates. I checked my notification preferences but there isn't a separate tickbox for this area. 


6: Re: New Page Notifications (response to 2)
Posted by DaveP on

Hi Joe,

Happy New Year,

Is this issue any nearer the top of the pile please. It really would be helpful to have some control over whether email notifications are sent. 

Many thanks


7: Re: New Page Notifications (response to 2)
Posted by josi51 on

I am currently moving some pages around within the website and, each time the amended page goes live, all our members get an email telling them there is a new page.

Any nearer to being able to stop this happening?