Hi Joe 

A number of our members have reported problems with the printing of our calendar sheets.

There sems to be problem where the printed version does not match the on screen version.

Members report getting muliple repeat columns on the calendar items list plus an enlarged version of the actual calendar month.

Is it possible to print a version exactly as seen on the screen?

All we really  need, is to be able to print, just a list of the forthcoming events.

Many thanks


Ken Toone - for Birmingham SME.



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Hi Ken,

I see what you mean - the print view is a bit of a mess if you try to print the whole page.

I had some reasonable success by selecting the list of events, and then choosing to print only the selection.

Or you can try a Cut and Paste of the list of events into Word, and print from there.

We will look into improving the print styles for the site, but this is likely to take a fair while before it is live, so do try these other options to see how you get on!


Joe - Voice Admin

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I tried to see if I could recreate the problem, which I managed by using Microsoft print to PDF.


Adobe convert web page to PDF works fine, as I assume any web page grabber would.



Hi Jo

Has there been any progress with sorting out our problem with printing the Calendar sheets from our website (see our query dated 06/09/15)

Ideally we would like to print WYSIWYG by right clicking and print, much the same as other websites, as most our our members are not particularly web savvy.

Many thanks

Ken Toone - Webmaster for Birmingham SME