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I am developing a new site for Friends Of the River Crane, FORCE. On this new site (\force) I wish to use a clickable map of the river to lead readers to information about various sites along the river.

The default maximum image assets width seems to be 428 px. This resolution is not nearly enough for the detail required to make the map useable. I am using the Modern theme and want to be able to use a full page width image for the map, 1140 px for this theme. The image height would be up to 825 px.

Can the image size limit be raised so that a map is useable?

Thanks, Tim (FORCE)

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Posted by Voice Admin on

Hi Tim,

There's a "trick" you can do to access the full size original image exactly as uploaded, rather than the resized version:

See this Forum thread:



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Posted by Tim Elson on

Hi Joe,

That does indeed do the trick.

Many thanks, Tim