I wanted to include a map which is a 128kb JPEG - hardly exessive surely? but when displayed it has been reduced to such a small size that the captions aren't readable - and if I drag to enlarge it, it becomes blurred.

I've tried adding it as an asset but that seems to make no difference.

Posted by Voice Admin on

When Assets are served they are automatically scaled down to 430px wide. This is a bit on the narrow side but for historical reasons it's quite hard for us to change this now (since lots of sites are relying on this behaviour).

There is, however, a little trick you can do to get to the original picture, rather than the scaled down version.

Just add ?attr=image_orig to the end of the image URL. So in your example, your map image is:


Which will become:


This works for all images in the Assets Library (though NOT for images in the photo album etc)



Posted by Stephen Watson on

Thanks Joe - that did the trick!