Ahhah - so I think the problem here is that a user can end up requesting membership of your site by following the register link on the login page.

I see that the link to join the site is correctly removed, but I believe that if a user registers using the form on your site (rather than the equivalent registration form on the main e-voice site) they will automatically get membership of your site requested from you.

We can't remove the Login button completely (because site owners need to use this to be able to edit the site), but maybe if a site is Private then either the Register link isn't available, or if they click on it it would just take them to the main registration page for e-voice, and not the one for your site.

Do you think this sounds sensible?


Joe - Voice Admin

Posted by DaveP on

Sorry - Just discovered that this was not posted back in July. I had just replied to the email.


Hi Joe,

Yes you have understood the issue. Your proposal of removing the Register link from the site login page is the correct one in my view. I cannot see that there are any side effects to that.

Many thanks for looking at this.