+                 Andrew Brian Hickman                                          
+                 MSERA Secretary                                                                    
+                 ashley pollock

  I did select name to sort by.


Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Andrew,

That's a very reasonable question. The answer is that when sorting alphabetically the system orders words with capital letters before words with lower case letters. So they are in alphabetical order after the separation of upper and lower case.


Rob Denison.

Posted by Deleted User on

I cannot match that explanation to this list?

+ ashley pollock
+ MSERA Chair
+ Damien Vaugh
+ EvanMillner
+ HF
+ Jane Robinson
+ Josh 
+ mataor
+ leatrice silver
+ trudi
+ Martyn
+ MSERes
+ Paul Richardson
+ Peter Kenyon
+ Roger Way
+ Rosie Farrer - Spice
+ MSERA Secretary
+ Siri Fischer Hansen
+ timothyperry
+ tcole92372
+ MSERA Treasurer
+ William 


Posted by Voice Admin on

The problem is that it's sorting by the user's Real Name, but showing their Screen Name if they have set one.

It would make more sense if the system took into account their screen name when doing the sort. We'll add a fix for this in due course.


Joe - Voice Admin