8: Re: New themes (response to 7)
Posted by Voice Admin on

The second of the two new themes isn't released yet, though when it is and some sites are using them both then yes I will be happy to point you to some good examples.

We won't be rushing to remove the old themes - it's more of a long term intention than something we're intending to do quickly. The main reason is so we can focus our time on improving the new themes rather than supporting the old ones.

You are right that the intention is that after removing the old themes that there will be four available - the two new responsive ones, plus DarkTones and Playtime. These feature multiple colour and layout options so hopefully everyone will be happy :-)

I will make a test area available to you once both new themes are ready.


Joe - Voice Admin

9: Re: New themes (response to 8)
Posted by SVH_Webmin on

Hi Joe,


We are using your system as part of Central Bedfordshire/Beds Parishes and this seems to be fixed in time in relation to any improvements.

Is it possible to use the new themes and upload them to our individual site (our Parish Council site) ?


Many thanks,



10: Re: New themes (response to 9)
Posted by Voice Admin on

Yeah, that's the last system to be upgraded - though it is happening in the next week or two, then you'll be able to use the new themes!