4: Re: New themes (response to 2)
Posted by josi51 on

We currently use the Dark Tones theme and love the look of the site and are therefore disappointed that this is likely to go in the future.

If we ultimately have to move to a new theme is it possible to either let us make the changes without it going immediately live or to have a 'test' area to create the look before publishing on our live site?  I did try out the new live theme (which sadly I didn't like) and it nearly gave me heart failure when it immediately went live, with an added moment of panic as to whether I could get the original back!  Basically I don't want our users to be constantly seeing changed screens until I get it right.




5: Re: New themes (response to 4)
Posted by Voice Admin on

To clarify - we intend to keep DarkTones and Playtime, as well as the two new configurable responsive themes. It is the older ones which will go.

The ones that we intend to decommission are:

  • Blue menu with red tab
  • Brown menu with grey spotted tab
  • Purple menu and Teal background
  • Brick red menu and blue stripey header
  • White menu with blue stripey header
  • White menu with pink stripey header
  • Blue menu with green wavey header
  • Blue menu with blue wavey header
  • Tan and pink menu with grey stripes
  • Pink block menu with top khaki stripe
  • White menu with blue outlines
  • White menu with green dotted lines
  • White menu with blue dotted lines

Regarding your question about an area for testing - once both new themes are live we will provide, on request, access to our test system so you can try out new themes before you put them live on your site.


Joe - Voice Admin


6: Re: New themes (response to 5)
Posted by MSERA Secretary on

Instead of having to remeber where this ist is, could you not (for now) asterix the themes to be retired, on the page where they are selected.

Eventually returning to that page, leaving the names and pictures, removing the option to select them?