Bug Reports: Re: downloading uploaded assets

Posted by Jacky Kerly on

Thanks for reply. I have checked through site for font size changes and in fact only found on Home Page which I corrected and one link on Community Flock page which i have left at the moment.

Downloading assets:-

On Newsletters page first item 10th March opens (without downloading) but rest do not. 

On Minutes page first two items open but draft Agm 2012 and AGM Daraft minutes 2013 do not.

I have a new lap top HP Pavilion running Windows 8. My husband has a PC which he has had for at least 6 months also Windows 8.

My fairly techy daughter has had a look and can't work out the problem.



Posted by Jacky Kerly on

Further to the above - 

I have just tried uploading files as pdf which worked -  I can open them.

I use Open Office but can normally open Word documents.