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Hi Will,

The listen service was paid for by bucks council and they have decided not to continue it so I have now removed the listen links from the site. 

Furhter I have also removed the "about-us" page from your site and you are free to make an alternative page with the CMS or to not have one at all.

I hope that helps, but if you have any more questions please feel free to ask.


Rob Denison.

Cambridge Open Systems' support team

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Thanks for your help!

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Hi Support Team,

I have a similiar problem with our website (or

We have a lot of feedback from website readers regarding the About Us page. People find it very confusing and it is not what they expected to find on an About Us page. Would it be possible to remove the link so that I can create an alternative page? Thank you for your consideration.

Ian Millard

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No problem - I have removed the About Us link.



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Thanks Joe, much appreciated.