Posted by Eileen Murray on

I was (and still am) active in our Parish Council and also our Village Hall here in Grimsargh, Lancashire. On each group were a few people who thought each entity needed their own website - we each had nothing at all. The Clerk to the Parish Council hear about Cambridge Open Systems - that there was a website provision service for community groups. Two of us were willing to give it a go - so one did the Village Hall and the other the Parish Council. We learned from each other. I now run both. I've spread the word - at least 5 other groups have signed up and have active websites as a result of that spreading the word. It's likely there may be more secondary recommendations too.


I'll have another bout of spreading the word - especially now that we have a Grimsargh Lass who can do the style sheets and tailor the sites more individually. I do like the look of the new templates - which I've only recently spotted.

Really, really happy with the excellent service!