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We'd be interested to know how you discovered this website. Was it through an advert? Newsletter? Word of mouth? Web search? Other?

We're keen to get as many community groups as possible to sign up, and so understanding where our existing community groups have come from would be really useful!

Please reply on this forum thread with any interesting information you might have.


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I joined the Ham united group including petersham and I offered to do site maintenance.i then subscribed to what i thought was email of only our website and it turns out it was these forums.

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I was (and still am) active in our Parish Council and also our Village Hall here in Grimsargh, Lancashire. On each group were a few people who thought each entity needed their own website - we each had nothing at all. The Clerk to the Parish Council hear about Cambridge Open Systems - that there was a website provision service for community groups. Two of us were willing to give it a go - so one did the Village Hall and the other the Parish Council. We learned from each other. I now run both. I've spread the word - at least 5 other groups have signed up and have active websites as a result of that spreading the word. It's likely there may be more secondary recommendations too.


I'll have another bout of spreading the word - especially now that we have a Grimsargh Lass who can do the style sheets and tailor the sites more individually. I do like the look of the new templates - which I've only recently spotted.

Really, really happy with the excellent service!


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We were given your contact through the Friends of Hatherop Park - a similar grouping as our own in Hampton, Middx.

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We had a BT website which wasn't really user friendly so I did a search for other community websites to see who they used.  I loved the look of one of them I found and they used yourselves.  Did a bit of investigation and your software is easy to use and produces a good looking site.  The rest is history.