General Support: Pages under construction published on their own!

I am working on two pages (in the Ellerton & Aughton Village Website), Trusted Trades and Village Hall Restoration.  Neither page had been published.  At 7.59pm tonight both pages suddenly published and I received two emails - one about each page - letting me know about new published pages.

Only myself and one other person are administrators and neither of us published the pages.  I have now taken them offline.  Could you let me know who published them or how this happened?

Thank you


Posted by josi51 on

Just to follow up - the pages weren't set on a schedule to publish.



Posted by Voice Admin on

I can see that in the log you were editing the page, and saved it at the same moment that it was made live.

The most likely explanation (that I can think of) is that you accidentally clicked on Save and Publish rather than Save changes for the page.

If you think that there's a problem whereby the page is incorrectly published when you click on Save changes then I can look into this. Though note that I have been unable to reproduce this in my testing.


Joe - Voice Admin

Posted by josi51 on

I wasn't editing them at the time they went live - I went into them as soon as I noticed them appear on the menu on the right hand side (within seconds of them going live).  My edit was then to remove the option to display the title in the menu.  I then went back in to take them offline as well.