Street Lighting

Some residents received letters from Bellway advising that remedial work needed to be completed before the council would adopt the roads on the estate and therefore assume reponsibility for the street lighting.  

After discussion at the HMRA Committee meeting on 11th October, a question was submitted to the Heatons and Reddish Ward Committee as follows on 12th October:

I live on the Heaton Manor Development, built by Bellway, in Heaton Moor.  Currently the whole development is unadopted by the council and any maintenance required is carried out by Bellway.

I believe some residents on the development have received details of remedial works required before the council will adopt the roads but have not heard anything for several months.

Please can the committee confirm a date when the roads will be adopted by the council?

Many thanks. 

The question was submitted as part of 'Public Question Time' in the Ward Committee meeting on 19th October but, to date, a reply has not been received.