Meeting with PCSO 24 March 2021

The Residents' Association was in touch with the Heaton Manor PCSO team this week and raised a number issues, predominantly related to Anti Social behaviour and thefts. To report attempted car and house break in, such as trying doors the 999 number should be used. For general concerns regarding suspicious or anti social behaviour using the GMP email address is preferable to using 101.

The intent is to arrange a site joint visit by the Residents' Association and the PCSO team next week to discuss concerns and be visible. The recent car thefts across the Heatons are attributed to one group targeting high end vehicles and catalytic converters. There has been some progress by the police and the inference was they are either known to the police or have been caught. The RA will receive the regular GMP situation update which will be posted here in due course. The intention for the future is to have regular PCSO engagement, meet the local Police Inspector and contact the Greater Manchester Police, Fire and Crime Panel. The Stockport representative on this panel is Cllr Amanda Peers (  Local Councillors are also being copied in on all police and PCSO issues and correspondence.

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