Litter Bins - A Success Story!

For some time, there have been concerns raised about the amount of litter on the communal play areas and the fact that the litter bins have not been emptied.  Following several emails from members of the HMRA Committee, it was established that the emptying of bins is the responsibility of Bellway.  It seems that whilst garden maintenance had been carried out, the contractors carrying out the work had not been instructed to empty the bins. 

Following a clean-up of this area by residents from all over the estate on 7th March and emails to Bellway, Local Councillors and Stockport Environmental Health, the bins were emptied by the contractors the following day.  An email was sent to Bellway requesting for this to happen fortnightly from now.  As yet, a response hasn't been received. 

This marks the first success of the HMRA and shows what can be done when we work together.  Many thanks to all involved.