HMRA - The Story So Far...

As many of you are aware, recently there has been an appetite and overwhelming support to set up a Residents' Association (RA) on the Heaton Manor Estate. 

Leaflets were posted through every door to gauge interest. Returns showed almost 65% of residents in favour of creating a group. After several appeals on the estate WhatsApp group eleven residents volunteered to take action and create a formal group. 

None of us have experience in this area and, as such, are finding our way as we go along. 

We have met twice recently on Zoom to discuss the best way forward and taken the following actions:

 - researched Residents' Associations and their constitutions and begun the process of drafting our own constitution

 - created this website with a view to using it for future communication

 - drafted a mailshot for all residents of the estate with further information

 - identified four main areas of concern and made contact with key stakeholders in these areas (see Our Goals for further info)

Moving forward, we need to involve more residents of the estate to get the RA off the ground.  If you live on the estate, and would like to receive information about the HMRA, please let us know your email address by messaging with your name and home address. 

Once we have everything in place we will be inviting all residents to a virtual Initial Meeting when we will agree our constitution and vote to elect the committee members.

The Heaton Manor Residents’ Association volunteer group

(Peter - Kingston Grove; Cathy, Claudia, Kerrie, Yvonne - Merton Crescent; Ros - Newham Lane; Jon and Ruth - Harrow Drive)