Proposed 'School Street' around St Thomas's School

The Residents' Association have been asked to canvas the opinions of Heaton Manor residents about a proposal regarding traffic around St Thomas's School.  Please see details below from The St Thomas Walk Ride Group.  If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to the email address shown.

The St Thomas Primary School Walk Ride Group consists of the Deputy Heads of the Infants and Junior sites along with parents and residents who are focussed on promoting Active Travel (walking, cycling or scooting) to and from school - our ultimate aim is to implement a 'School Street' at both sites and we hope to run a week long trial w/c 6th March 2023.

A 'School Street' is a temporary road closure at drop off and pick up times (likely for 30 - 60 mins) to improve road safety, reduce air pollution and encourage Active Travel.  We will close the road to transform it into a pedestrian, scooter and cycle zone at these specific times of the day - the result is a safer, healthier, and better environment for everyone.  No vehicles will be able to enter the restricted zone at these times although exemptions are provided (e.g. emergency service vehicles, residents living within the restricted zone, blue badge holders etc...).

Heaton Manor Residents will most likely be impacted by the Junior site 'School Street' on Buckingham Road.  Our proposal is for a temporary road closure of a short section of Buckingham Road, between the entrance to Harrow Drive and the junction with Peel Moat Road - there would be no entry to Buckingham Road from Brownsville Rd.  In practical terms for Heaton Manor residents this would mean turning left out of Harrow Drive and using Tatton Road North for any vehicle access during these two short periods each day.

The St Thomas Active Travel group and currently consulting with Stockport council on this proposal and welcome any questions - you can email them at 


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