Bellway to Greenbelt Handover

On 8th October Nick Upton, Community Liaison Officer with Greenbelt, visited the estate for two meetings with residents.  Here is a summary of what was said at the meeting.  Please note, this information was taken from my own notes and may be subject to change.  Residents should refer to the pack which will be provided by Greenbelt for specific details.

 -         The aim is for Greenbelt to take over in January 2023, subject to all remedial works being carried out by Bellway.

 -         The landscape plan was previously agreed with Stockport Council so Greenbelt will maintain that plan. 

 -         All residents will receive a Statement of Services and a pack outlining charges in January 2023.

 -         Play areas, grass and bins within play areas are covered.  Roads and lights are not.

 -         A company called King of Spades will be responsible for maintenance.  They have been selected as they carry out work on several developments that Greenbelt manage.  They are market tested every two years to make sure they give the best value. 

 -         The estate will be inspected (by Tim Palmer) every two weeks.  The cost of the inspector and contract workers is passed directly to householders, no extra has to be paid to Greenbelt.  Greenbelt charge an Admin charge.

 -         Maintenance will be done every two weeks (Apr-Oct) and monthly (November-March).

 -         A snagging list will be completed every Aug/Sept.

 -         Gap planting will be completed over the Winter.

 -         There is a cost to change name if you move.

 -         Can pay the bill over 10 months or a one off – no interest charged.

 -         Cost next year will be 72 pounds plus VAT.

The Residents’ Association Committee discussed Nick’s visit at our last committee meeting and three questions were raised which were referred back to him.

Will Greenbelt maintain the fence which runs around the perimeter of the estate?

This query has been referred back to Bellway, the committee will follow up

Will Greenbelt recognise the Residents’ Association?

Our constitution and membership of the committee will be submitted to Nick after our next AGM and the association will be formally recognised.  Nick mentioned that Greenbelt work with other RAs on other estates.

The estate was divided into two ‘phases’ by Bellway and is treated as such by Greenbelt.  Will both phases be charged the same annual fee?

No answer has been received yet.  Committee will follow up.