Community Partners


Committee members have made contact with GMP and been given a name, PC Simon Dooley, as a contact.  He is keen to talk to the RA about how he can help.  He will be invited to attend future meetings. 

Committee member Peter held a meeting over Zoom with Simon and a PCSO colleague on Wednesday 24th March 2021.  See News Story here for full details. 

The advice from the police is to report attempted car and house break ins on 999.  For general concerns regarding suspicious or anti social behaviour using the GMP email address or on the website here: Contact us | Greater Manchester Police (

Simon was contacted after the Committee meeting on 11 October 2022 and recent concerns, such as parking and speeding on the estate and anti-social behaviour on the Peel Moat Open Space were outlined.  PSCOs were invited to the next committee meeting. 

Local Councillors and MP

Councillors David Sedgewick, John Taylor and Dena Ryness have been contacted with details of the Residents' Association and also copied in on several emails that were sent to Bellway regarding communal areas and other issues.  A member of the committee also had a face to face conversation with Cllr. Taylor whilst he was delivering campaign leaflets on the estate.   To date, we do not have any firm commitments from the Councillors about what support they can offer, but they have been invited to attend future meetings. We have also received communication from the MP for Stockport.  Read the email in the news story here.

Great Places Housing Association

Great Places have been contacted to make them aware of the issues logged with Bellway regarding street lighting and communal areas and also to investigate any practical or financial support they may offer the RA.  This will be followed up by the committee.