Response from our MP

Our committee member received the following response from the office of Navendu Mishra - Member of Parliament for Stockport.  She has responded to the questions and awaits a reply:


Dear Ms Hyland,

Thank you for your most recent letter.  Navendu is delighted to hear of the setting up of the Residents Association.  He has asked his team to look into possible avenues for funding and we will write further on this matter.

Navendu would be happy to support your newly formed group where possible and would look forward to receiving updates.

He has contacted the police and await their response into the matters you wrote of in your last email.

Bellway Homes have responded in respect of the street lighting and say their street lighting was installed and approved by Stockport Council.  They are aware that two lamps are not working and they are in the process of rectifying.  We recognise this is a brief reply and if you want us to go back to them with further enquiries please let us know.

Stockport Council say the new development here is under construction and has not yet been formally adopted by Stockport so any lighting issues are at present the responsibility of the developer.  They have however said that officers will liaise with the developers on the lighting issue.

I trust that this helps with any concerns and reassures you that the MP and his office continue to monitor matters.  

Kind regards.

Yours sincerely,

Suzanne Brookfield
Constituency Senior Secretary
for NAVENDU MISHRA - Member of Parliament for Stockport

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