Public car parking is provided in Great Waltham in 2 locations:

1. Great Waltham Village Hall - 9 spaces - 2 hour maximum 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday - Friday

2. Blossom Way - 14 spaces - at all times, with the exception that spaces 1 - 4 are kept free for Scout use Monday - Friday


  1. Vehicles parked in the spaces must be taxed, insured and roadworthy private Cars and it excludes any trailer, caravan, skip, mobile home or commercial or agricultural vehicle.
  2. Each Car is to be parked in an orderly manner and within a defined parking bay.
  3. Petrol, oil and grease shall not be allowed to drip or spill on to the ground.
  4. Users of the car park are restricted from using the car park for:
    1. Any business in the Parking Space such as for the carrying out or permitting the carrying out of any trade profession or employment ; or for the carrying out or permitting the carrying out of any repairs, car washing or mobile valeting
    2. Storing of any fuel or inflammable or combustible substance in the Parking Space other than that contained in the petrol or oil tanks of a motor car.
    3. Depositing any articles, rubbish or litter in the Parking Space or permit the Parking Spaces to become dirty or untidy or in a dangerous condition.
    4. Carrying out any repairs or maintenance to or testing or permit any goods to be loaded or unloaded.
    5. Causing any blockage or obstruction to the Estate Road or any part of the Estate which are used as rights of way or for the purpose of access to and egress from the Estate or any adjoining property or permit or suffer anyone expressly or impliedly with his permission or under his control to do so.
    6. for any illegal purpose; or for any purpose or in a manner that would cause any loss, nuisance or inconvenience to the Landlord, any owner or occupier of the Estate, or any owner or occupier of any other property or adjoining property; or
    7. any activity that would vitiate the Landlord’s insurance of the Estate whether in whole or in part; or in any way that would increase the premium for the Landlord’s insurance of the Estate; or in a manner that interferes with any right, restriction or covenant subject to which this lease is granted.

 Great Waltham Parish Council accepts nor responsibility for vehicles using the public car park