ReJUNEvate the Village Hall


Village Hall Volunteers Month – ReJUNEvate

Whilst we carry out the village wide consultation on the future of the village hall and the services it can offer our community, we still need to improve the hall in the short term. Currently the hall is undoubtedly unfit for purpose. It is cold, damp and dirty. We have drawn up a list of essential repairs that will need completing regardless of what we decide the long-term plan is. Many of these can be accomplished at little expense if we can find volunteers. Therefore, we have chosen the month of June to try and breathe new life into old hall. We want you to volunteer to ReJUNEvate the hall and get it ready for our Summer Gala Day on July 27th.


What needs doing:

  • Garden and landscaping work.
  • Basic redecoration – emulsioning and glossing.
  • Painting the outside of the building.
  • Jet washing.
  • Tip runs.
  • Catering

istockphoto-1463132842-612x612.jpgWe will need volunteers to give up time and join members of the committee during the weekends throughout June. Even an hour or two here and there will invaluable. We will feed you at the hall and provide refreshments. A more detailed jobs list will be posted here in the coming weeks. There is also a contact form at the bottom of the website for you to fill a slot.