Ford Village CAP Rationale

The Ford Village Community Action Plan 2025-7:


“Ford could die. There are sufficient signs of dying to cause concern. But it is living now and its vital signs could continue and grow stronger. The question facing Ford is whether it will devolve into a set of people living side by side, acting together only in emergencies, sharing only their surfaces, or whether it will continue—and will be encouraged by public policy and private initiatives—to be the community that it is now, 'laying the foundations of a good community life' for its inheritors.”

Final paragraph of “Ford, A Village in the West Highlands of Scotland: A Case Study of Repopulation and Social Change in a Small Community.” – John B. Stephenson, 1981.

old ford 1

Research by the NHS has shown that when an individual contributes to their community their physical and mental health improves as well as their social wellbeing. Community decision making processes are more effective when individuals get involved. As a result, their environments improve as well.

Ford Village has its roots as a stopping place for cattle drovers in the Middle Ages. However, it is clear that the place has deeper roots with Iron Age Forts, Bronze Age Hoards and Neolithic Stones all present within its boundaries. Ford is an ancient community but change is inevitable. John B. Stephenson’s sociological study of our village in 1981 ended with a clear message; if Ford is to live on and maintain its good community life then it will need to be encouraged by public policy and the initiative of individuals.  Therefore, the mission of the Ford Village Hall Committee is to deliver a Community Action Plan which gives every member of the Ford community equal opportunities to contribute to the life of their village and a say in it's future. Through the creation of community led groups, organisations, events and support the CAP will help build a village that is creative, resilient, equal and environmentally aware. Everyone in Ford will be guaranteed a voice in the shaping of the Village going forward. The Committee will provide opportunities for this vital democratic engagement and use the consultation process to create and manage the plan. The initial CAP will begin in 2025, running for three years. The Committee will provide annual opportunities for the Village to review progress and suggest changes.

So, the Community Action Plan in summary will be created by the Village and achieve important, significant and community led positive change.