How we intend to consult with the community in Ford.

ford image 1From examining the best practice used by other local communities and various online toolkits there seems to be established methods for engaging with your community. It is expected that Ford Village Hall Committee will use as many of these techniques as possible in order to maximise the number of residents who want to have their voice heard.

March 2024 onwards:

Online Discussion: this website has the capacity to host online discussions. We intend to put questions up to promote engagement regularly. These will require users to register so that discussions can be moderated.

Online Questionnaires: the website will also host online questionnaires which will provide quick methods to engage the community using more closed questions and graded responses.

May 2024 onwards:

Focus Groups: the committee intends on inviting people or specific targeted groups of people to attend a focus group at the Hall (or elsewhere) in which more open questions are asked and deeper and broader discussions will take place. Here a committee member/s will act as facilitators and recorders. 

Posted Questionnaires: as above but hand delivered to every household with a covering letter. Return boxes can be placed at different points around the village. This way the committee hopes it will not exclude those who are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with digital technology.

Interviews:  One to one interview with some key villagers will be very valuable. These residents are often repositories of wisdom and knowledge and would provide insights we might otherwise miss.