Committee members - biographical and contact information

The current committee:

Steve Walker

6 Stone View, Ford.

Joined the committee in February 2024.

"Ford has been a dream for me ever since I stumbled across the village whilst on holiday 20 or more years ago. We took the decision to move here in 2022.  At that time I decided to leave a 30 year career in education where I was an assistant vice-principal in a challenging Academy and take some well earned time off. My health both physical and mental had taken a hit during the pandemic and I was in need of a change. I have always tried to contribute and "be involved" in my community. Whether it was as a teacher  in deprived inner city neighbourhoods in Tottenham, Halifax, Bradford or Burnley, local politics in my home of Rochdale (the birthplace of the Cooperative Movement) or in just being a good neighbour. For myself and Andrea living here in Ford is "our best life" and we want to help support and shape the Village's future. Being a member of the committee gives us that ability and the opportunity to meet wonderful commited people."


Andrea Healy

6 Stone View, Ford.

Joined the committee in February 2024


Sue Creech


Philip Hemming


William Moran


Heather Moran


Jo  Cole


Jan Wright


Gillian Rodger