Elstead Community Speed Watch

SPEED WATCH HAS ARRIVED IN ELSTEAD!                                    


Many people in Elstead are unhappy at the number of drivers who do not stay within the speed limit. This makes it more difficult for pedestrians to cross the road safely, especially children and elderly people catching buses, and for local drivers pulling out onto the main road. It is also scary for riders of bikes and horses using the roads.

There does not seem to be much reason to drive over the limit. Elstead is about 1 mile across and driving five miles an hour faster saves no more than 20-30 seconds. Can anybody give any good reason for driving above the limit?

We have a strong team of volunteers and have now started operations. In the first four months a variety of vehicles have been recorded speeding, including a  waste lorry and coaches as well as commercial and private cars. On two particular 1.5 hour Friday afternoon operations 156 vehicles were recorded in the Milford Road travelling at 36-55 mph. Warning signs were in place and the volunteers were wearing obvious yellow jackets, so the drivers are either blind or stupid! 

Previous Police radar checks have found that many offenders are local drivers, who know the roads well and can be relied on to take some care of their neighbours' interests. However this scheme is not aimed at our own people unless they are being totally reckless. Drivers who carelessly stray a mile or two over the limit are not likely to be caught.

We have passed warning leaflets around much of the village and are hoping that local drivers will realise the benefits of more relaxed driving. Our real concern is with the early morning commuters, weekend boy racers and some commercial drivers, who charge through the village with no regard for the welfare of residents. We have no reason to tolerate them and we will not do so.

The owners of all vehicles verified by the police receive a warning letter and repeat offenders will face further action.

Elstead Speed Watch Public Opinion Survey

We are looking for information from drivers and local residents in support of the Speed Watch scheme. Please tell us what you think.   Click here  Smile

Responses will not be used for any purpose other than the preparation of a summary report, which will not identify individual sources.

More detailed information about the Speed Watch scheme can be found on the web site at:  www.surreycommunity.info/elstead-30/ 

If you have any questions please contact Michael Organe  Elstead-30@tiscali.co.uk  or Alastair Widdup  MAWiddup@sky.com