Hankley Common Filming

22/03/14. Filming has now finished.


Filming has started for "The Scottish Play" on Hankley Common, based on the Shakespeare play that actors prefer not to name!

The MOD has ensured that temporary planning permission has been given for the construction of a small village in the Dropping Zone. The film company has promised that bridleways will not be obstructed or used for filming and that every care will be taken to avoid upsetting other users of the Common. Their vehicles and equipment will be parked at the DZ Huts.

The lane leading from the Thursley Road at Truxford Corner along Bridleway 101 to the central car park will be used for lorries and other vehicles during the setting up and filming period, so other users will need to take care. As the central BW101 car park is likely to be fully used by spectators among others, the lower car park on Houndown Lane will be open during the filming period. 

The work will not be continuous over the two month period allowed, as the Army will be carrying out scheduled training operations as usual. 

The film Company are asking for "extras
" to take part in the film. Anybody interested should contact: 

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