Village Hall Fund Raising & Restoration


  Many of the events held in the village hall advertise 'proceeds to the village hall fund'.  What is this fund for and where does the money go?


In November 2012 a survey of the hall was done to identify all the work that needs to be done to bring it up to scratch. Some of this work is urgent for a number of reasons - to protect the fabric of the building, for safety, and to help secure a lease for the building.  A priority list was drawn up detailing the work needed. As you can see below, a large amount of money is required to complete all the work.  The village hall committee will continue fund raising efforts until all the work is complete.

If you have a relevant skill/qualification and would be prepared to donate your time to help complete some of the work or, if you would be able and prepared to donate materials needed to carry out the work, we would be extremely grateful. Please contact us with your details.


Our thanks go to... (my huge apologies if I have missed anyone!)


Keith Story                    -  for fitting new circuit board & urgent electrical work at materials cost only;

Steve Duffin                  -  for keeping the hall windows sparkling by regularly cleaning them;

Paul Holmes                  -  for keeping the grass cut and the grounds looking good; 

Simon Hogg                   -  for donating a 5-lever door lock;

Gerald Alden                 -  for installing the door locks free of charge;

Stuart Charlesworth     -  for making and installing new container doors;

Rachel Goddard          }

Jackie & Tony Rogers }-  for donating paint and materials to decorate the hall (& thanks to all who decorated!);

Simon Hogg                }

Dave Seavers                -  for fitting the skirting boards;

Craig Pickles                 -  for electrical work in the porch;

David Wilson                 -  for donating & installing electronic fire detection system;

Mark Goddard   ]

Andy Tompkins ]          -  for removing old toilets, installing new, renovating cubicles & decorating;

Steve Pease     }

Alan Barker      }

Steve Hawkes  }           - for renovation and decoration work in the toilets;

Els Tompkins    } 

Jo Pease           }

Paul Horrocks             - for numerous pieces of work inside and outside the building;


 VILLAGE HALL WORK SCHEDULE                                                                       Work completed 

Description Estimated/ Actual Progress/Comments
Slate roof  £500 Some replaced already - remainder by 30/11/13 - completed
Flat roof  £2600 Full replacement incl. flashing - completed 25/4/13
External joinery   £2000 Rotten timbers to be replaced between May 2013 - October 2015 - completed Sept 2017
External walls   £600 Re-pointing to be done between May 2014 - October 2014 - completed 2/8/13 (commercial quote £1,500)
External walls   £10,000 Damproofing to the building - by 2017-18 tax year
Chimneys   £150 Re-pointing - by April 2018 (before if funds available) - completed 2/8/13 (Commercial quote £200)
Chimney   £100 Wire balloon - by April 2018 - completed
Fireplace   £1000 Repair & flue liner needed. Fire currently out of use. To be  complete before 2013-14 winter. Completed
Rainwater goods   £1,500 Repair & replace - work has started on replacement. Complete by September 2015 - completed
Toilet window   £500 Steel section rusting. See next item - work to take place alongside window installation by 2016  Completed
Windows & doors   £5000 Essential timber repairs to be done by 2013-14 tax year. Longer term UPVC replacement by March 2017 (Back room, toilet & kitchen windows replaced Nov 2014. External doors repaired & repainted Summer 2016)
5-lever deadlocks £55  Locks installed on 2 main access doors. (Estimated cost £160 incl. installation) - completed.
External hard landscaping   £5000 Ongoing maintenance & possible replacement. Potential improvement with grant-aid funding - to be done Spring 2018 - Done Spring 2018
Metal gates          N/A Included in annual maintenance schedule - by 31/12/13 - completed 23/7/13
Soil & vent pipe   TBC Review & remove correctly
Replacement radiators £720 To be replaced by October 2016.  Done July 2016
Internal joinery  £1,500 Rotting skirtings etc. Replace timbers over 18 months from May 2013. Completed 30 Sept 2014
Wiring £163 Replace consumer unit and effect electrical repairs. Completed April 2013 (Previous commercial quote was £500!)
Oil tank/heating £750 - £10,000 Lower cost/shorter timescale  is for replacement oil tank. Investigating potential funding sources for more sustainable heating, such as ground source.  Done 2021
Fire detection £2,000 Introduction of basic electronic system by 1/10/14 - Completed October 2014
General issues £35,000+ Explore potential funding avenues to improve the entrance & add accessible toilet facilities to meet requirements of 2010 Equality Act - Done Spring/Summer 2018
Thermal issues TBC Explore potential to improve building insulation
   Work completed   


 A new kitchen, new toilets and a new hall floor have been also done, along with an entrance extension containing a toilet for the disabled.