Ellerton History

 There is a marvellous website, created by Colin Blanchard Withers, covering virtually everthing you would wish to know about Ellerton village history. 

Here is the link - http://www.ellerton.info/index.html .


Below is a summary of the history of Ellerton:


Ellerton's Past

Here, you find a time line of the history of Ellerton.  Apparently a Viking Longboat was found in Ellerton or Aughton.

1086 - Mentioned in Doomsday book as "Elreton(e): Kings Land." The name possibly due to many Eller trees in the area (GenUK) 

1506 - John Leland visits Ellerton. (King Henry VIII's Vicar. Came to value the Priory.)

1200's - Grave of Monk of Wyntringham - still can be seen in Ellerton Cemetery

1203 - Priory founded dedicated to Virgin Mary & St Lawrence (See Ellerton Priory)

1600 - Boot & Shoe built

1610 - Almshouses built for 3 poor women / 9 acre allotment. "Each inmate receives 6s per wk" (B4) Sir Hugh Bethell

1610 - Records found of Will made of John Sowerby from Ellerton

1653 - Records found of Will made of John Duffield from Ellerton

1657 - Records found of Will made of Sir George Butler from Ellerton

1672 - Ellertons population - 252

late 1600's - Daniel Defoe (author of Robinson Crusoe) stayed in Ellerton whilst researching his book - "Tour through Great Britain"

1808 - Death Duty papers found for Robert Watson of Ellerton

1809 - Death Duty papers found for Robert Mitchell, farmer of Ellerton

1810 - Death Duty papers found for Thomas Webster, Cordwainer of Ellerton

1810 -The Weres built (Ellerton duck pond) from clay. Used to wash cart horse hooves & swell the wooden cart wheels on to their rims / water in case of fire

1820's - Ellerton Church Patron is John Bethell Esq.

            Ellerton population - 31

            Mean household size 4.82 (Charlesworth papers)

1851 - Number of homes - 71

1872 - Ellerton School built. The land was bequeathed from Miss Margaret Hall, Beverley (G)

1892 - Ellertons main crops - wheat, potato, clover, turnip           

            Main Land Owners    James Lund Esq. Malsis Hall, Cross Hills, Keighley                                          

                                              Joseph J Dunnington-Jefferson Esq. Thickett Priory also

1872 - Ellerton school committee member -

            Captain George Henry Bridges. Nothcote House, Clifton Park      

            George Wake. Ellerton                                          

            Francis Stephenson Esq.(also Aug). Pontefract                                          

            Robert & John Watson. Ellerton                                          

            Alfred Jackson Acomb, York         

Post Office at Richard Dearing's house. Letters went via York, arriving at 9-20 a.m., and despatched at 3-40 p.m.         

        - Miscellany of trades                                          

           Ainsworth Miss Susannah, schoolmistress                                          

           Bradley John, farm foreman                                          

           Dearing Rd., grocer, and carrier to York (Sat.), Post office  

           Etherington Daniel, carrier to York (Sat.), and Selby (Mon.) 

           Etherington George, mattress maker                                          

           Harrison Charles, blacksmith                                          

           Harrison Francis, joiner and wheelwright                                          

           Harrison Robert, joiner and wheelwright                                          

           Mitchell Mr. Robert, Pearse Mrs. Jane & Son, shoemakers     

           Pearse Mrs. Mary, cowkeeper                                          

           Robinson Rev. George, B.A., vicar                                          

           Sanderson William, pig dealer                                          

           Sargant William Winn, miller                                          

           Scott Mrs. Mary Ann, joiner, &c.                                          

           Sharp William, tailor and farmer                                          

           Simpson Mrs. Emma & Tasker Mrs. Hannah, dressmaker       

           Tate Joseph, joiner                                          

           Tate Miss Margaret, vict., Boot and Shoe Inn                                          

           Wilkinson George, cowkeeper

        - Farmers.                                          

           Anson George Smith, Short Acre house                                          

           Bissett Thomas, Ellerton South grange                                          

           Boast Miss Jane (owner)                                          

           Bradley John, Ellerton South grange                                          

           Buttle Robert                                          

           Featherby William, North Ross                                          

           Nutt Thos., Ellerton Hall and North Ross farm                                          

           Pottage Charles, Fog Spring farm                                          

           Simpson George                                          

           Story George, Ellerton Ruddings                                          

           Wake George (yeo.), Priory farm                                          

           Watson John (yeo.), Sunny Bank house                                          

           Watson Robt. (yeo.), Ellerton North grange                                          

           Watson Thomas, The Town farm                                          

           Watson William                                          

           Wilkinson Robert

1905 - Main Land owners     

            John Dudding,  W.J.Bethell, William Westwick, Humphrey Osbaldeston,  Thomas Atkinson

1930's - Ellerton has a resident Vicar, Blacksmith, Grocer, Post Office, Shop, Wheelwright (The Publican), Clay pits for brick making & sand pits.

1932 - The Village Shop is situated between the school & pub (extension which can be seen to the left of Holly House. The long window was the door) - sold tobacco / sweets. Had a beehive (Edward Nutt kicked it over as a child and was told off!) Miss Sleight was the owner

1956 - Romano-British Pottery found behind Priory Cottage (Now Willow Grange) 1970's -Cannon ball found in the grounds of Rose Cottage

1995 - Mortar fragments are found North & West of the Church indicating old enclosures, ditches & ovens or kilns

2000 - Only4 Farms left in Ellerton -Town Farm, Hall Farm, West End Farm, Priory Farm.  

           Relics found in village - musket balls / old lead weights - Priory Farm

           Remnants of a Roman Pottery found at North Grange Farm

2004 - A medieval ditch & small finds assemblage found at Forge View

2009 - A medieval bank with a ditch & inter cutting pits were found at Ellerton House

2010 - A Roman Road alignment is found, which forms the Northeast boundary of the parish with Melbourne.   In the ground to the Northwest of the Church, mortar fragments are found suggesting the presence of buildings, possibly belonging to the Priory.  Medieval pottery, handmade bricks and a 17th century gun flint were found at Willow Grange.