Long Standing Village Families


Some families have shaped our villages from decades ago right up to the present day. Many of these are land owners and farmers such as the Nutts who can be traced back to the 1600s in this area.  Others like the Tates have also lived and worked here for many generations.

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 The Nutts.  

 By the 1800's, David Nutt and his wife Elizabeth Saxton were living at Ellerton Hall & farming much of the land in Ellerton & Aughton. They had 4 servants, including a farm servant William Levitt, aged only 14. This was quite typical for the age of farm hands back then.

David Nutt's uncle, also David married Mary Yair and also carried the family line in Ellerton, being the 6 times Great-Grandfather of Edward, Pippa & Jack Nutt who still live in the villages today! Their Great-Great- Grandfather was William Nutt.

 William Nutt                        William and Margaret Nutt
William Nutt. Born 1855                              William & Margaret Nutt

William lived at Derwent house in Aughton and after marrying Margaret McNeil from Scotland in 1887, had 7 children. His second child, Robert Nutt married Mabel Wetherell, the Wetherells being another significant family in the village and together they had 3 children.

 .Robert Nutt                              Mabel Wetherell

 Robert Nutt                                           Mabel Wetherell                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Granny Wetherell  "Granny Wetherell". Mabels Mother - Mary Ann Talbot

Robert and Mabel had twin girls in 1925, Joyce and Eileen (nicknamed Bobby), and Edward joined the family in 1928.
JoyceBobbyEd                                                              JoyceNuttLocking
Joyce, Eileen & Ed on their fathers motorbike                                                     Joyce Nutt


The Nutts at a family wedding. The baby being held at the back is Ed Nutt, born in 1928 and who still lives in Aughton today, as do his 2 sons, 2 grandsons and granddaughter.

Ed (b.1928) attended Ellerton school for a while (now the Village Hall), until he left when he was still very young.  When asked why, he said he was misunderstood!  He then attended Bubwith School, for a while (apparently had another misunderstanding with the groom of Spaldington's daughter and a grass-snake!)  He was also misunderstood by Miss Snaith, the proprietor of Ellerton Village Shop when he kicked over her beehive........

The Nutts still farm in the villages today.

A Big thank you to Mr. Ed Nutt for helping put this together.