Ellerton & Aughton Oil Co-operative


Oil buying co-operatives can help to reduce fuel costs for individuals.

A group of people in the same area join their individual orders together to create a bulk order for their heating oil. A local co-ordinator acts for the co-operative and arranges the deliveries to individual homes to be made on a single date. A cheaper price per individual can be negotiated as the supplier needs only to make one journey for many deliveries. Traffic to the village is also reduced. The more people that sign up, the more we may save.

The largest saving we have made so far is £105.50 per 1000 litres, the smallest being £6.70. Over the past 12 months, against the best individual price, we have saved on average £23.61 on every 1000 litres!  The co-operative has been running since March 2012, 86 orders have been placed, and the villages of Ellerton & Aughton have saved £35,320.15 in total over that period.

Planned order and delivery dates for the remainder of the year are listed on the Village Calendar page.


Your local co-ordinator is Steve Pease.      Steve Pease2

 For more information or to join the co-operative, please contact Steve by completing the form (under the graph) below.


Co-operative savings against individual lowest market price:

March24 Oil Graph


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