At the Hendreds children experience a broad, stimulating curriculum which is designed to fire their curiosity, support their social, emotional, spiritual and academic development and to prepare them for entering the wider world of secondary school and beyond.

Subjects studied include all of the statutory curriculum and more; we add French and Latin, and Judo forms part of our PE curriculum.  All children learn either the violin or cello, for free, for a year, as part of our commitment to music.

The curriculum for us is not simply academic subjects, but everything that makes up the daily life of the school: decisions, focus, effort, responsibility, contributing.  All these are based on Christian values that shape how we grow and develop.

“Distinctive Christian values are deeply embedded in the daily life of the school, clearly contributing to pupils’ personal values and achievements”. Inspection of Anglican School Report

We have talented teachers who regard the daily interactions both in class and in the playground as learning in its broadest sense.  Our tight-knit, small, supportive community allows us to overcome a range of barriers to learning.

We know that the development of the person, through lessons, participation in managing the life of the school (for example, older ones looking after the younger ones), being part of a wonderful drama production or an exciting sports tournament all help the children to learn about themselves and others, and build the confidence and resilience needed to make the most of their potential.


James Veness


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