We warmly welcome donations from the public through PayPal and a service called

All of the proceeds that we receive go into our hardship fund. This enables us to provide financial support to asylum seekers who have no recourse to public funds. The money goes towards essentials like food, nappies, pay as you go phone top ups and travel expenses to home office appointments.

Donate Items

We are also very much in need of both new and used items (providing that they are clean and in an acceptable condition. Asylum seekers are arriving in the UK in urgent need of basic essentials, often having not been able to bring any of their possessions on their difficult journey here. Our mission is to share what we can with them in their time of need. Nonetheless, we pride ourselves on delivering quality over quantity - we want our clients to look and feel good in the things that we give them.

These are our current item needs as of 31/08/2021. Due to limited storage space we cannot, at least for the time being, accept anything that is highlighted in red below. By following this guide you can ensure that your support will be targeted to things that are actively being requested (and accepted) by our clients. 

Gift cards, phone cards and vouchers for highstreet stores. All Very High
Clean, practical shoes and trainers All Very High
Phones, tablets and laptops (fully reset, preferably with chargers) All Very High
Men's casual shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and jeans. Small-Medium-Large Very High
New underwear and socks (adult or children) All High
New, unused arts and crafts materials N/A High
Complete uniforms for public schools in Kingston/surrounding areas. Ages 5-16 High
Functional travel bags and rucksacks N/A None
Toiletry packs with essentials Family None
Women's casual clothing Small-Medium-Large None
Women's handbags and purses Small-Medium-Large None
Women's formal clothing All None
Men's formal clothing All None
Childrens' clothes All None
New, unused arts and crafts materials N/A None
Bedding and sheets N/A None
Bric-a-brac N/A None

Please call 07514639967 during working hours or email if you have any questions or would like to make a donation.

Thank you!