In 2017/18 Refugee Action Kingston (RAK) was refreshed by new faces, new ways of supporting refugees, a new IT and telephone system and an office refurbishment to help improve the quality of our services and environment for clients, volunteers and staff.

Much was achieved, through the combined endeavours of trustees, staff, volunteers, members, donors, partners and supporters.

The number of refugees and asylum seekers supported by our advice service increased by 11%. We enabled more clients, with limited English language skills to access legal rights and statutory services and supported them to navigate UK systems. Client satisfaction with our services is high with 86% rating us as very good/good in our quarterly surveys. 

We distributed £5,400 in small financial grants to destitute asylum seekers who are the most vulnerable and disadvantaged group in our society, having no recourse to public funds. 

We helped 75% of clients reduce loneliness and isolation through the support of our Centre for Community Resilience and Engagement. Alongside English language lessons we also offered a friendly environment with food and clothing distribution to those in need. We are very grateful to the local community for their donations, without which this would not have been possible.

With the support of our dedicated supporters, funders, volunteers and local communities we look forward to continuing to help refugees and asylum seekers build independent lives in Kingston and neighbouring boroughs and to provide support through periods of uncertainty and distress.

At a glance

Infographic of our impact during 2017 and 2018

Impact report 2017-18

Past impact annual reviews