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Kingston Citizens Advice Bureau's website for internal use has problems with its notification emails. External links work fine in the email that's received, but not any internal links to documents (I'm not sure about internal links to pages), which I've tested myself. I've also tested KVA and our test site and I'm not having the same problem. No other groups have reported problems with their notifications. 

In addition to this I'm not receiving their notifications email, despite having changed my account preferences to receive instant updates when they add data to their noticeboard.

Is there something we're doing wrong internally or is there anything that you can help with?

Many thanks in advance,

Sorrel, Kingston Portal Administrator 

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Could you forward one such email to (with no editing etc) so that I can have a closer look at the links?


Joe - Voice Admin

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Will do Joe.



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I believe this is now fixed. The problem was that some URLs in the content don't work outside the context of the website because the email program doesn't know what domain the link refers to.

So now all links in email messages that don't have the full domain name on them will be replaced with one that does.

e.g., when sending an email if it spots a URL like /help/forums then it'll replace it with