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Hi, we have only one notice board and one weblog which are either very similar aplications or the same aplication. right?

Is there a way to add more?

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They are the same application yeah - with a few configuration differences, mainly in the initial permissions setup whereby the noticeboard allows all site members to add content but the weblog does not. (this can be easily changed by modifying the permissions settings for each app).

There's no easy way to add more I'm afraid. What is it that you want to do - maybe there's an easier solution than having several copies of the app!


Joe - Voice Admin

3: Re: weblog and noticeboard (response to 2)
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Hi Joe


Thanks for the help. I wanted to have a blog or something similar in the areas of the page. so the owner of the sub section could update on activities

Since we ranout of blog like aplications I was using news.