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Hello again,

I mangage and I would like to reduce the number of links on the left.


To do this and not loose content I would like to have sub menus. But is there any way to make these submenus colapse? That is make them hidden unless you click on the parent menu item?

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If you use either of the two newer themes - Darktones or Playtime - then sub-items automatically collapse as you describe. This will also happen on future themes which we build.

For example, you'll see this on the Demo site if you click on either Features or Media in the left menu.

Note that it is only CMS content that you can arrange hierarchically like this - apps such as discussion forums and photo albums will always appear in the top level of your menu.


Joe - Voice Admin

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thanks for the suggestion. to solve the problem of aplications only being available in the main menu by using redirect.thank you!