5: Re: form builder (response to 4)
Posted by Cynthia on

Thank you yes I did manage to sort it out.   And thanks for the other tip.

6: Re: giving authorization (response to 5)
Posted by Cynthia on

I have inadvertently deleted a member of our site from the permissions list and so they cannot log in.   Also when they tried to re-register is said there was already somebody with the same details.


How can I re-instate them as a member.

7: Re: giving authorization (response to 6)
Posted by Voice Admin on

Yes, removing a user from a site doesn't delete their account - they stil remain a user on Voice, though they are no longer a member of your site.

You can either invite them to join your site using the link on the members page in the admin pages of your site, or if your membership policy allows it, there will be a "join this site" link at the top of your site's homepage which they can click on in order to rejoin the site.


Joe - Voice Admin