4: Re: Flickr badge (response to 3)
Posted by Voice Admin on

Hi again,

I've had a look into it and the problem is that the badge code is invalid HTML, which the WYSIWYG editor, TinyMCE, is trying to "fix". The main problem is that the embed code has a <table> which contains only a <script> (i.e., no rows or cells) and the WYSIWYG editor is thinking this is not allowed and so rejecting it!

I have tried embedding the Flash version of the Flickr badge, and that works fine.

So if you're happy to use the flash badge then that's great, go with that. You can paste this into the HTML view of the WYSIWYG as normal.

Otherwise what you could try is to temporarily disable JavaScript in your browser (so that the WYSIWYG editor isn't loaded), then go to edit the page, and then paste the badge code into the page using the "raw" HTML. This is a bit hacky so maybe using the flash badge is better!

Perhaps what we need to do is have a mode where you can ask the WYSIWYG editor not to fix the HTML, which could be useful for advanced users. However the danger here is that people could then all too easily break their own website with invalid HTML!

Hope that helps to explain the problem, if nothing else!


Joe - Voice Admin

5: Re: Flickr badge (response to 4)
Posted by Sorrel Parsons on

Brilliant Joe - thanks for that. Yes, I can see that it wouldn't be wise for the second option. We'll try the Flash badge. Thanks for your support, really appreciated.