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Voice currently has a limit of 20MB for any individual file upload. It's likely that your video file is larger than that.

We aren't really able to compete with the likes of YouTube and Vimeo in terms of video storage, so I'd suggest that if you want to have a long video on your site that you use one of these services.

Once you've added your video to YouTube (or similar) you can embed this onto your site. You can ask YouTube to give you the Embed code (Click Share, then Embed), and then copy this code, and paste it into the WYSIWYG editor by clicking the Embed code button and pasting the code into there.

This is how the video is added to the demo site, here.


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Posted by Sue Potter CLB on


I have a video (mp4) which is 12.5 MB but it will not load into the asset library. 

Also, what format option should I choose? 

I want to allow people to play the video when they look at a news item on our website.

Thanks for any help


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To be honest I think your best bet is to upload the video into YouTube or Vimeo or similar service, which is designed for video hosting, then use their "embed" code to add it to a page on your website.



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