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Referring back to your earlier question - you could also set up the "latest news" includelet set to show newest items first, and put that on your main news page. Try out a couple of things and see what works!

I'm currently doing some work on themes and includelets which should improve the look of these things. So if you have any thoughts/comments on how things could/should look then now is a good time to make them known! :-)

Regarding comments on pages - yes in theory this is possible, though it isn't currently enabled for sites. If you don't mind being a bit of a gunea pig then I'm happy to turn on the commenting functionality for your site! This will initially allow users to comment on any content page of your site, but could be extended to allow commenting on other things too (photos, albums, etc).

Do you have a URL on which your video is located that I could have a look at? At the moment we don't embed any sort of clever video player, so if you want something "fancy" I suggest you upload your video to YouTube, then grab the "embed" code from the youtube video and add that to your page using the Embed Code button in the WYSIWYG editor. This is how the video on this page is added.


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Many thanks again, Joe or muchas gracias de nuevo, as they say in Spain.

I have to confess I am not up to speed with the "includelets" as I can't see where and how to create and insert them. Is there a detailed instruction sheet available that I have missed?

As far as the video is concerned, I was using a copy folder from my Desk Top but now, following your advice, have successfully uploaded it direct from U Tube. Is there a limit to the content size? Not that I intend uploading the latest Bond film, of course.

Thanks for the Comments (Reply) Add-ons - they are working very well. Now, my members have no excuse for avoiding their postings!

I have created a new News folder approriately named "Newsweek".

All the items will now be logged under a week ending heading with the latest article inserted at the top of the single page for the week. That appears to work just fine.


Clearly, you take your job very seriously and I am very grateful for that. I suspect many other communities within e-Voice, feel the same.


Best regards Terry.

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Hi again,

There is some information on includelets in our documentation pages here.

I admit that the documentation isn't always great or totally up to date so if it doesn't help then please continue to ask questions! :-)

Essentially, if you go to the Layout tab of a page in the CMS, then you can add bits of content into the page - these bits of content are called Includelets.

It's Includelets that currently provide the "upcoming events" and "latest news" entries on the front page of sites. You can pick them up and move them around, or reconfigure them so that they show different bits of content.

If it's lists of content from on your site that you want (e.g., links to latest news articles etc) then the includelets to look at would be "Latest News", and "Filtered Item List". The latter is most powerful and has loads of options. The former is relatively simple and shows links to recently postedd news articles.

Regarding videos - I beleve YouTube limits to 15 minutes per film, which is enough for most needs!


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Many thanks, Joe.