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I need to change the registered name with voice to a new domain name, I have read inserts posted on the forum and for the layman it seems confusing but will try, however one question I could do with an aswer to is : if I change the name to a domain name that has just been registered within the last few weeks will searching for it be effected.

With the 'voice' at the fromt of the domain name we are using the site appears on the first page when searching, if we change to the new name does it then not include 'voice' and so place the searches further down the search list (say page 10 as an example)


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This isn't a problem, as the old 'voice' name will still work, and using the old domain name will automatically redirect visitors to the equivalent URL on the new domain name.

e.g., if I had a hypothetical site at and I register the domain name to use with it.
Then if anyone goes to the url they will automatically be redirected to

And over time Google will use the new domain name in its search results instead of the old one.


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