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Hi Richard,

You're right that images served from the assets library are automatically scaled down to 430 wide. This is largely for historical reasons when screens were small, and yes nowadays larger would be better. Though changing it across the board is difficult as it'll change (and perhaps break) existing websites.

Ideally we could have a system where you could choose per-image the size that you wanted it to be served at. This would either be chosen as a setting on the image itself, or chosen when you inserted the image into a page.

There's obviously some work involved there, and a bit of thinking about it first! In the meantime there is a little trick you can do to get the original image served rather than the scaled down version.

When you insert an image it'll have a URL something like this:

If you want to show the original instead of the scaled version, you can add ?attr=image_orig to the end of the URL. i.e.,:

This shows the original unscaled image - so it's then up to you to make sure you upload it at a suitable size!

Hope this helps

Voice Admin