Posted by SVH_Webmin on

The notifications and alerts system seems to be sending alerts to one of my email accounts that is not linked to the website.

I had an alert from Shillington Parish Council but I not set-up to get them.

Also I removed another email address from the 'register user' page which should remove this person from the list of people to get notifications but it still sends them.

If I login to project involve as this user the system tells me I am not listed in any groups so I assume that I should not be getting Notifications but it still sends them.

Can you please advise if this can be fixed?

Many thanks,


Posted by Joe Oldak on

There was a bug whereby you weren't automatically unsubscribed from notifications when leaving a group. I have now rectified this and unsubscribed everyone from any notifications they were receiving from groups that they were no longer a member of.

Hoefully this cures your problem!


Voice Admin