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Please can you to be more specific (or else perhaps I need to take lessons in clairvoyancy? Wink)

On which event do you see the link?

I expect that it's something in your browser that is doing it. A plugin perhaps, which looks at the text and tries to "improve" it for you by suggesting links to other pages with the same subject. Certainly, there's nothing on the Voice site itself that does this.

You could try a different browser to see if they're still there. If you can narrow it down to a single browser then maybe have a look at what add-ons/toolbars/etc might be installed, and see if one looks like it's responsible for adding these links!


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Sorry, I was panicking a bit at the time! The problem was with my browser but first appeared when I wsa working on a Voice site. Hence my worry. I got rid of the virus from my PC in the end.