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Due to not being psychic, I'm afraid you're going to have to give me more of a clue - on which page does this doubling up occur? I can't obviously see any on the Charndon Parish Council website.

It sounds like you maybe have two Content Item includelets on the page (check the layout tab for the page which has problems).

The Content Item includelet is responsible for placing the main WYSIWYG content onto the page. If you have two of those on a page, then the WYSIWYG content will appear twice.

Normally, there's just one Content Item includelet set up on the main homepage, which is set to inherit to all sub-pages.

More information on Layouts and Includelets can be found in the documentation here.


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Sorry i will include more info if i need to use this service again , after a couple of hours i managed to sort myself

Thank you