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I have a problem with document permissions.   I can upload and save PDF files in the asset library.  I can also put a link on a page to assess the asset/document.  


My problem is that only Administrators can open the documents even though I believe I have set the page permissions for everyone to view.   If a member or public try to access then they get the log in page displayed.


However, there are other documents with links from the same page and everyone can access them.  It is just the latest documents that I try to display that have this issue.

2: Re: Asset Permissions (response to 1)
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As an example  please see

Chicken Keeping can not be assessed by the public.

3: Re: Asset Permissions (response to 2)
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Chicken Keeping works fine for me without logging in. So either you've successfully set the permissions correctly since the report, or there's something more subtle going on!

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