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You can reorder the main navigation menu using the instructions on this page in the documentation.

Note that if you want a YouTube video to appear on the page, rather than just a link to it, then it's easy to embed the video.

On YouTube, click the Share button, then the Embed button, and you'll see a bit of HTML that you can copy. Then go to the WYSIWYG editor for the Voice page on which you want the video, click the Embed Code button embedbutton, and paste in the HTML from YouTube.

That's how I put the videos onto the pages on the Demo Site.


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Many thanks for your reply on reordering the navigation menu, it took me some time to understand it (maybe something to do with age!), but I got there in the end!

Now, does your procedure for embedding YouTube videos work, when there is more than one video to the page? Currently we have 2 videos on the page each with a link to YouTube, and plan to add more in the future.

Many thanks

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Yeah, you can have lots of videos on the same page if you wish to.

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Have just added a 3rd video to our Members Video page, with it's link to Youtube.

Unfortunately I can't get the link to work. I know the video is up and running on youtube but it won't trigger from our webpage, reporting errors.

Obviously I have missed something, can anyone help?

Best regards.


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Now Sorted!!

You know what they say,"If all else fails, read the instructions"

I had previously typed in the URL manually and obviously had made a mistake.

However, by using the 'Embed Code' button instead, all is well.

Best Regards.

Posted by Joe Oldak on

Excellent - well done!

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